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Melissa Pollock Intentional Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

Together we can work towards identifying and healing your mental health concerns and their impact on your life. We will look into how your thoughts and beliefs are powerful indicators of your emotions and physical well-being. Wellness is a natural state —and I want to help you return to it, or come to it for the first time.

Couple’s Therapy

Our relationships form the foundation of our lives. In romantic partnerships, it can be easy to fall into old dynamics—even as we make personal growth and changes. I work with couples in which both partners seek to form or strengthen an intentional, deep union.

Clinical Supervision

I offer clinical supervision to social workers obtaining hours for licensure. Setting out on the path to be a therapist is confusing and overwhelming. I provide in-depth clinical mentorship and personal guidance for living in this world as a healer.

Workplace Wellness

The workplace wellness movement is garnering more attention as mental health, intentional living and mindfulness in general has been highlighted in recent years. With increased global crisis and the questioning of structural status quo, workplaces must also develop a new awareness of what really makes good employees —wellness. Mindfulness and intentional living imply a work life balance.
I join with managers and employees to assess the current need and tailor mindfulness based stress reduction training. This can be done in different size groups and venues —most commonly in brief weekly sessions that progress over five or ten weeks.

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