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Are you worried about uncertain circumstances? Do you overcompensate with perfectionism? Are you unable to control overthinking? Do you have panic attacks, or feel on edge?

Trauma and Generational Trauma

Exposure to threatening events can have traumatizing effects in many different ways. Have you, your loved ones, or people been threatened?


Pervasive low mood can exist on its own, or be a side effect of another issue.

Is it hard to combat negative thoughts? Do you feel hopeless?


All of us operate through social relationships. Are your relationships fulfilling? Are your needs being met? Are you stuck in the same interpersonal patterns?

Life Transitions

New phases of life require us to shed old parts and acquire new skills. Could reflection help you choose which things to change?

Identity Challenges

Self-understanding is an essential part of existence. The ways we know and relate to ourselves dictates our capacity to know and relate to others. Would you benefit from getting to know yourself better?

Melissa Pollock

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Spiritual Wellness Counselor

While I utilize CBT, DBT, and other variations of evidence based practice, my approach is one that centers on mindfulness and intention and the firm belief that as humans we can achieve a life beyond stability that embodies purpose, peace, and meaningful connections to others. I encourage clients to live from the inside, out as a way to feel themselves moving toward total wellness.

Conscious growth requires emotional sustainability and true wellness.

What clients say…

I came to Melissa looking for clarity in my life, and I feel that I have found that and so much more. I feel so much more in control of my own thoughts, my story, and my future.

Every session, Melissa mentions some element of an Intentional Lifestyle. She talks about practicing mindfulness, and about practicing a wise mind philosophy where thoughts don’t need to constantly clash with emotional states. I would say I feel that purposeful element where more and more of my life is beginning to feel like a conscious choice, and less like an external obligation or commitment.

What clients say…

Melissa is kind, gentle and direct. You immediately know you can trust her. As a therapist, she works with you to determine what types of treatment could be beneficial to you, and she always provides suggestions to find the right path to success.

Melissa makes me feel safe and grounded and heavily uses mindfulness techniques that I find myself using on a daily basis. She has helped me to understand and communicate what goes on inside my mind so that I can effectively get my needs met.
Melissa is a fantastic listener – she radiates empathy while you talk and it’s obvious that she’s carefully considering everything you say without overreaching or guessing. She’s receptive and very good at articulating ideas or suggestions for different ways to think that had never occurred to me before. I always feel understood when I talk to Melissa.

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